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The men’s Rolex Submariner was developed in 1953 and made its official debut during Basel Watch Fair the following year. One of the first dive watches to offer a 100-meter depth rating, the Submariner essentially paved the way for the modern dive watch as we know it today. Over the years, the Submariner has seen many notable upgrades, including the addition of a date display in the 1960s, the switch from acrylic to sapphire crystals in the late 1970s, and the change from radioactive tritium to photoluminescent lume in the 1990s. The Submariner was initially only available in stainless steel; a two-tone variant didn’t become available until 1984 via the ref. 16803.That brings us to the two examples that are featured here in today’s comparison video. The Rolex 16613 made its debut in 1988 and was the final aluminum bezel Submariner. The ref. 116613 was introduced in 2009 and features a completely redesigned feature set that swapped the aluminum bezel out for a tougher Cerachrom ceramic insert and features an all-new case and bracelet design. While both references are similar, they each bring a different aesthetic to the table.The Rolex Submariner 16613 was produced for over twenty years. During that time, it became available in many variations, including either a black or blue dial and bezel set, stunning champagne or silver “Serti” dials adorned with gems, lug holes on the case or no holes, and different luminous material on the dial. Two features that remain consistent among the reference variations are the two-tone steel and gold finish of the case and the aluminum insert on the bezel.With the unveiling of the modern 116613 Submariner in Yellow Rolesor (aka two-tone stainless steel and 18k yellow gold) came a newer-style “Super Case” which, despite offering the same 40mm diameter as the ref. 16613, appears slightly larger. The lugs and crown guard are wider, and the bezel received a new mounting design, giving the case a slightly more robust appearance and refined bezel action.

Here I will give an introduction of the same watch, but there will be some strange things you can find on the watch, have you noticed? Yes, it is the dial and case back.The replica here is also manufactured by Noob factory, with every detail made to be perfect, black dial and black ceramic bezel are main features of Submariner 116610 LN, super clone bezel has correct markers engraved in suitable depth and thickness, bezel engravings seem to be thinner than that of other Submariner replicas published before, but you can not deny this one is the best and closest to genuine.The dial is black and has a little difference with the formal 116610 LN, you can see red words “FUCK EM” printed on, the dial lume is as strong as the previous Submariner. Do not be obsessed with the thickness of these dial fonts, many people can not find such flaws even some watch experts, if you are too concerned about these small details, I suggest you buy a genuine Rolex Submariner, because a replica will never be made 100% same as genuine, its dial is the biggest tale. About the red words “FUCK EM“, I do not know its meaning, you could google it and tell us by leaving a comment under this post, thank you.Case back is smoothly polished, it is screwed down, so there is no gap between the case back and the main case holder, this design gives the replica super water resistant performance. On the center of the case back, it is curved with word “Supreme”.

The movement is an Asia Valjoux 7750, which is based on a Shanghai chronograph movement. After being tested for almost ten years, this chronograph movement used in our replica watches are the most stable and reliable.IWC Mark series was specially offered as a military watch in the past, now it has a lot of anniversary models. After almost one hundred years, the appearance of IWC Mark does not have too much change, its simple and elegant design is loved by many people. IWC Mark, which was exclusively supplied for the British Pilots, has left a lot of memories for us. Also as a pilot watch, Breitling looks more professional, Zenith Pilot has more retro flavors, compared with them, IWC Mark is more practical, classic and durable.

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