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Looks-wise, the watch that comes the closest to an all-steel model is now the ref. 116509, which is cast in solid 18k white gold and has the price tag to prove it.That means a delve into the archives is the only avenue still open should you want one, and it is the previous generation that is proving the most affordable. The ‘Zenith’ Daytona ref. 16520, powered by the fabled El Primero, is still the gateway into steel Cosmograph Daytona ownership.Of course, the word ‘affordable’ is all relative. Prices start at around the $20,000 mark, which is a hefty slice of anyone’s money. Yet beyond being one of the most handsome and capable models ever made, any Rolex Daytona represents perhaps the surest investments watch collecting has to offer.It’s a tough call, but the starkly austere Explorer might well be the watch that has changed the least (visually) over its 70-year run. That is even for a manufacture that updates aesthetics at the glacial pace that Rolex does. Every reference, from the prototype Pre-Explorer ref. 6150 from 1952 up to the last of the ref. 114270s in 2010, have been simple three handers, with the beautifully legible white on black 3/6/9 dials, housed in a 36mm case.Then along came the ref. 214270, identical in the detailing but the first example to grow beyond the dimensions in 58-years, measuring 39mm. It increased in size for the same reason as the Datejust – fashions demanded it – but unlike that watch, it became the only option available.That is no bad thing. The Explorer is perhaps the last of the true tool watches in the Rolex catalog. There is nothing about any iteration of the watch that is designed to look flashy or draw attention to itself, and a few extra millimeters doesn’t change that. The new Explorer is basically the old Explorer, and whichever you choose will come down to whether your wrist size suits one or the other.Its strength has always been in its simplicity, and it remains one of the best value for money prospects on the pre-owned Rolex market. $5,000-$6,000 is the buy-in point for a well set up example of the ref. 114270 or, if you fancy going the real vintage route, the celebrated ref. 1016 (personal timepiece of James Bond author Ian Fleming) starts at a little over twice that. Tough, elegant and perfectly built, the Explorer has always stayed true to Rolex’s roots.

Replica Rolex Submariner 116613LN Two Tone Replica Rolex Submariner 116613LN Ceramic Bezel The first Rolex Submariner was released in 1954, until nowadays, it has been showed in several of the James Bond 007 films. And, it is also so popular among the famous sport players, tennis player had wore a Rolex watch during he attended Australian Open Tennis Championships, and that Rolex model became a hot item soon all over the world. Rolex released an updated version of 16613LN on Basel of 2009. It seems not much changes comparing to the previous edition but there are more changes in the details. Today I would like to introduce a top-grade replica Rolex Submariner. There are two editions of 116613LN from Noob factory, 18K wrap gold and gold-plating editions. Of course, wrap gold Rolex is much better than gold-plating one, because the percentage of gold is four times more than gold-plating edition, the color would never change, but price will be much higher too.Replica Rolex Submariner 116613LN Crown Replica Rolex Submariner 116613LN Case .One of the upgrade of the new Submariner 116613LN is the bezel, adopting the “Cerachrom” bezel which is made of ceramic. Compare the old edition, the new material is harder and bezel color is not easy to be scratched. Besides, the golden markers on the black bezel are also gold-cladding, the gold color matching black perfectly. Another outstanding point of Rolex Submariner watch is the easy-to-read dial, the new version has bigger markers and hands. The edge of markers and hands are gold-cladding, matching the bezel well. What’s more, they are super luminous, reading the time in a dark environment is not a problem. This model’s function is including hour, minute, second and date. It adopts a Swiss made 2836 movement will ensure these functions working well. There are characters in white on the black dial to indicate the model and other information, this is just as per original. New editions keeps its original 40mm size, and this size has wide costume group. The case material is solid 316L stainless steel, being great with the gold color.

The helium valve button on both factories do not work. While I think AR makes the helium valve button correct because they do a better finish on the button.Both AR and Noob use 904L stainless steel to make the bracelet. While I think that the 904L stainless steel used by AR is the best in entire watch market. The first touch feeling which AR Rolex gives you is excellent, whether on the case or bracelet, the finish on AR 126600 is superior. On AR 126600, if you check the first link of the bracelet that connects the case, its compactness with the links on both sides is made better, Noob’s has a small gap. The crown logo on the buckle looks more three-dimensional on AR 126600. So, about This is the only advantage of Noob factory, because Noob offers a 3235 movement option for this Sea-Dweller 126600. I did not say the Asia 2824 on ARF is not good, it is also a very good movement, even more stable than the clone 3235 and Asia ETA 2836 used by Noob 126600.Whether in material or finish, ARF Sea-Dweller Single Red 126600 is the best. About the movement, I still vote for ARF, because the Asia 2824 movement is more stable. Now, AR factory almost has occupied the entire market of Sea-Dweller 126600, about the after-sale service, Noob’s repairing service is very slow, this is also a big reason why I do not recommend Noob here.Photos and video of Noob 126600 Now, Daytona is the proud of Noob factory, it has become the flagship model of Noob, which is more popular than their Submariner 116610LN and 116610LV. Since the usage of 904L stainless steel in replica watches industry, the emphasis which every factory puts on is the development of replica Rolex, especially the production of Daytona, which directly affect the competitive relationship between Noob and ARF.In my last post, I said Noob is ready to release two yellow gold Daytona watches, now both watches are available. Here I will give a short review one of them, it is the yellow gold one with green dial.The case of this yellow gold Daytona is 12.5mm, which almost has the same thickness as original. Thanks to Noob’s newly developed 4130 movement, so the thickness of the entire case has been reduced, at the same time, the movement can also achieve all functions of original. The inner case material is 904L stainless steel, while the outside yellow gold coating is up to 5 mils thick.Green dial is my favorite, it makes the Daytona suitable both for men and women. Every small dial works very well, each features a red circle inside. The small second hand is on the subdial at 6 o’clock, other two small dials are for minute and hour chronograph display. To reduce the probability of failure, we suggest you do not operate the chronograph buttons too often, this is true for Daytona from Noob and ARF.

Now, Noob factory updated the watch again, besides continuously improved the movement realiability and stability, this time the factory used 904L stainless steel on the case and bracelet, it is the first time for the factory to use 904L steel on replica watches. Now, let’s see more details on this replica 116610LV.Because it is the eighth time improvement Noob factory made on this watch, so we called this watch Submariner 116610LV V8. The case, bezel, case back and bracelet are all made of stainless steel 904L, which uses the same material as genuine watch. This is the greatest improvement I have found on all replica watches, because those watches made in our market all use 316L stainless steel. If you have some knowledge about Rolex, you will know the advantage of 904L steel. Absolutely the price is also higher. Besides the case material, the case size is also made to be exactly the same as genuine 116610LV, the case diameter is 40mm, thickness is 13mm. Green ceramic bezel insert, with dial, the green color is closer to genuine watch. Bezel engravings are platinum tone, just like original bezel.Dial is green. Genuine Swiss Blue SuperLume is applied on three-dimensional hour markers and hands. All hour markers have silver edge around, those Rolex Rehaut on inner bezel are correctly engraved. Dial letterings and date have the correct font that are closer to genuine than all previous 116610LV replicas published before. The replica has a correct date mag of 2.5X. Inside the case back, there is a great clone movement, named Super Clone 3135, whose auto rotor and bridges are fully decorated to be exactly the same as genuine Rolex 3135 movement.Here are some specifications of the replica 116610LV:Movement: Super Clone 3135 Automatic, 28800BPH, Decorated Rotor and Bridges Case: 904L Stainless Steel, 40mm*13mm Bezel: Green Ceramic, Uni-Directional, Anti-Clockwise Crystal: Sapphire, Tiny Crown in Crystal at 6 Dial: SuperLumed, Green Bracelet: 904L Stainless Steel with Deployant Buckle Water Resistant: 50m Two tone is the element that mostly represents the luxury of a watch.

Actually, a lot of wrist watches have its unique background when they launch in the market. Maybe it is in memory of a famous person or a novel or a match. Yes, now I am going to introduce the replica IWC Portuguese Yacht Club. It is almost 1:1 copy from the genuine no matter its appearance or movement. This series of collection is inspired by a competitive match, it uses the Volvo ocean Race as its design background. From this replica, we can know that it reveals brave spirit which the competitors has behaved in this match fully. Thanks for the virtuosity,this excellent replica has complimented in the end. I feel so excited to see this incredible replica. Now I can not wait to show you its detail. So let’s go!

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