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On brown dial, each detail is very close to genuine, cream yellow Arabic hour markers are three-dimensional and plump. Blue steel hour and minute hands are wide, they are applied with luminous material, so are hour markers. The dial has a perfect lume effect at night. The Lume light is green and lasts for a long time. At 3 o’clock, date is displayed through a small square window, date font is white and has the correct thickness. More important, the date font is centered in the window, not too right or too left.Genuine IW327006 titanium watch is equipped with IW35111 in-house movement, which is actually developed from Swiss ETA 2892. The replica uses a Sea-Gull 2892, which has the same construction as ETA 2892, maybe the decoration on rotor and movement plate is different, but the watch has a solid case back, so I do not care the decoration, as long as it is stable. Absolutely if you do care about the subtle details, you can install one genuine ETA 2892 inside the replica by yourself, it is easy. The improved Sea-Gull 2892 movement of the replica has the same winding feel, its date adjusting direction is also correct.

Just compared the dial lettering with real Submariner’s, there is no difference.Two tone bracelet has yellow gold on middle links. The brushing effect on bracelet gives you a high quality texture feeling. I have one thing to tell you here, it is about the clasp, check carefully, new Submariners from Rolex all have silver clasp engravings, not black on previous Submariner watches. So, see photos below, the clasp engravings on this Rolex Submariner 116613 replica is correct in color. Congrats Noob factory finally makes the right Submariners replicas, and we are also very lucky to own such a high quality replica Rolex. By the way, the replica is equipped with a real Swiss ETA 2836 movement, not clone.Now, everyone who bought Rolex Daytona Paul Newman watch from me before knows JK factory, it mainly produces replica watches of vintage Rolex and Panerai, but sometimes this factory also makes special watches like Pro Hunter, Bamford Submariners, etc. Take this Bamford Commando Rolex Submariner for example, genuine model is specially designed by Bamford company, it uses Submariner name, but has its own features. I like the style, it is military black, looks very tough, and the name “COMMANDO”, it exactly describes the tough style of the replica watch. The genuine watch claims 300m water resistance, while the replica has been tested by factory to be 30m waterproof.The case is brushed stainless steel, measured to be 40mm in case diameter, absolutely not including the crown. The case thickness is 13mm, black ceramic bezel insert with a red triangle at 12 o’clock. The bezel is diving style and uni-directional. Black diving scales on bezel form a high contrast with the white hour markers. Brown dial has some iconic features belonged to Submariner, such as the bezel-style hour and minute hands.

The black dial looks amazing, the red color usage highlights the whole dial, especially the red big second hand and red minute scales. Three small dials are in golden tone with black hand. The design of subdials is delicate, multi-layer three-dimensional visual effect is obvious. Hour markers, hour hand and minute hand have increased amount of Swiss lume material, so they will offer the wearer a long-lasting lume light in weak light conditions.The replica will come with a plastic box like genuine watch. We do not offer original Rolex box for the watch, if you want one, you need to pay extra dollars.Now, a lot of factories are making replica Rolex watches, for example, Noob, ARF, GMF, DJ, BP, etc. Their products are absolutely in different quality. So, sometimes it is very confused for us to make a decision, because some beginners do not know which factory to choose from. Here I will write a basic guide on the top five best-selling Rolex replica watches in our market. These Rolexs are also the best quality ones. Hope this guide can help you. Noob V9 Rolex Submariner 116610LN Submariner 116610LN is the hottest Rolex watch. Among so many replicas from various factories, the best one I think is from Noob. Now the latest version is V9, and Noob is still making efforts to upgrade it. V9 116610LN could be equipped with a Super Asia 3135 or an Asia ETA 2836. Compared with Asia 3135, the Asia 2836 is more stable. So, here I recommend you to buy Submariner 116610LN V9 with Asia ETA 2836. The watch is fully made of 904L stainless steel.In 2019, factories in our market will publish more high quality replica watches. The most representative factory is ARF, which now is the only factory that could compete with Noob in replicating Rolex field. While Noob can not keep the pace with ARF, this factory now has used 904L stainless steel material in every Rolex series that include Submariner, Datejust, Day Date, etc, while Noob still only used on Submariner replicas. Besides, the Rolex replica watches made by AR factory all have a large amount of stocks, while Noob only makes a certain amount of stocks on most of their Rolex.

The lume on dial and bezel pearl is blue. As I mentioned above, there is another factor that makes this replica expensive, it is the movement inside. Yes, the replica is equipped with a real ETA 2836 movement, not an Asian clone one. The following are more details of this replica. Rolex Submariner 116613 Blue Dial Movement: Swiss ETA 2836 Automatic Case: 40mm*13mm, Two Tone, 316L Stainless Steel with 18K Yellow Gold Coating Bezel: Blue Uni-Directional Rotating Bezel, Ceramic Dial: Blue with Superlumed Hour Markers and Hands Crystal: Sapphire with Tiny Rolex Crown in Crystal at 6Band: Two Tone Style, 18K Yellow Gold Coating on 316L Stainless Steel Clasp: Deployant Buckle Water Resistant: 50m Replica Rolex Silver Grey Daytona with 4130 Movement Replica Rolex Silver Grey Daytona In the beginning of 2018, AR factory published a few Rolex Daytona replica watches that are not only made of 904L stainless steel, but also equipped with innovative Rolex 4130 automatic movement. These Daytona replicas all have one big disadvantage, that is they are not fully chronograph watch. I have introduced a lot of Daytona watches here before, but they have a full working chronograph function, while this Daytona replica made by AR factory has false subdials at 3:00 and 9:00. However, the chronograph buttons could be pushed, means the central second-chronograph hand will start to work once you press the button at 2:00. One thing we have to admit is this is the Daytona replica that has the closest look to original. If you are in pursuit of perfection in outlook of a replica, this Daytona is your best choice.Replica Rolex Daytona Grey Sometimes you need to sacrifice some functions in order to make other features perfect. Like this replica Daytona, in order to clone a flawless movement that looks 100% the same as genuine 4130, the factory decorates the movement plates and auto rotor perfectly, so it could not be spotted as a fake when somebody in the boutique opened the case back.Replica Rolex Daytona Black Ceramic Bezel The case is 40mm in diameter, it is brushed while the lugs are polished. Black bezel is ceramic made with white tachymeter scales. Silver grey dial has three black subdials at 3, 6 and 9. The small second hand is working smoothly on the subdial at 6 o’clock. Hour markers are filled with white luminous material, so are hands, they will emit strong blue light at night.I love this silver grey Daytona watch, it is highly uniform in color match. For example, black ceramic bezel, black subdials and black rubber band. The silver grey dial also perfectly matches 904L stainless steel case.Replica Rolex Daytona Grey Case Back Watch Specification:Movement: Clone 4130 Automatic, Working Second-Chronograph Hand, Fixed Small Seconds of Subdials at 3 and 9 Case: 40mm*13mm, 904L Stainless Steel, Black Ceramic Bezel Crystal: Sapphire Crystal with Etched Laser Crown Logo at 6 Dial: Silver Grey Bracelet: Black OysterFlex Rubber Band with New Style Flip Lock Clasp Water Resistant: 50m Replica Rolex Day Date 40mm Full Yellow Gold Watch From CR Factory Replica Rolex Day Date Yellow Gold Watch Day Date is a good series of Rolex to show wearer Day and Date at the same time. However, I prefer Datejust more because I do not like the top window displaying week on Day Date watch, but sometimes you have to admit it is important for business men. Today, I am going to introduce a full yellow gold Rolex Day Date replica watch, which is made by CR factory, CR means Chang Rong in Chinese Pin Yin.

In the world of luxury product acquisition, there are few things more distressing to the mind of a passionate collector than the thought of harm coming to their valued possessions. Yes, nothing in this realm can hold a candle to health or the well-being of one’s loved ones, but these small treasures, often rare or unique (and certainly expensive) hold a special place in the heart of one who has dedicated their time and effort to make them theirs.I am often asked if it is important to insure a collection of used luxury watches. In fact, I am asked it more often then makes conscionable sense to me, because the answer is simple: Yes, yes you should. And more to the point, if you own a luxury watch like a Rolex Submariner (let alone if you own numerous luxury watches) and you’re asking that question, you should save your breath for the insurance provider on the other end of the phone.And that’s really the best place to start. In this digital age, it seems we’ve all become a bit interaction-shy, but with a complex and potentially serious situation like making an insurance claim, it is always best to have set-up your policy having talked directly to another human being – an expert in their field. You really should leave nothing to chance. Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions – insurance is complicated and rules and regulations vary from country to country (massively) and occasionally, even from region to region. If you move to a new area, don’t just assume that your previous policy will port seamlessly. Check it out. Trust me: It’s worth it.Having lived most of my life in the UK and Germany, I have intimate personal experience with moving a watch collection across borders. And the differences are stark. Some things are easier in some territories, and some things are harder, but the three things you should focus on first when looking into insuring your collection (or single watch) is the total value of your collection, how many “declarable” models you will need to put on your policy, and how all of this can affect your remaining contents insurance.So let’s start with the first point. This is relatively simple. Add up the retail value of the watches in your collection. When doing this, make sure you collate invoices and receipts (if possible) into a physical and digital folder. Scan everything, stick it in a PDF and email a copy to yourself rather than keeping it on your hard-drive alone (it stands to reason that if your property gets turned over your laptop may go the same way as your watches).

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