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Let us see the dial first. It is in black white white markers and printings. Hands are completely different other IWC Mark series’. Have you noticed the hour hand, it is reverse. Hour markers use Arabic numbers except a big triangle mark at 12 o’clock. Date window is set at 3 o’clock, on the left side of the 3:00 hour marker. The dial also has other subtle difference if you compare Mark XI and Mark XVII or XVIII. Green nylon band is also one highlight. Nylon strap is a great match for the watch, it is perfectly in line with the military theme of the watch. One pair of distressed leather band could also create such effect, but a modern alligator leather strap will not.

This replica with a big white dial,42.3mm, it is easy to see time having this design, and collocates with blue hand, it can up its charming glamour and be more attractive at the same time. There are some details also reveal the symbolic design of Portuguese collection fully. For example, its dedicated minute ring is liked track, the relief Arabic numerals, the dedicated leaf hand. What’s more, combined with white dial and blue hand, it is really more vivid as a whole with this detail. Almost all these details are designed for gentlemen specially.

Its case is made of 316 stainless steel also decorates with anti-reflective coating, it is not only generous in shape but also has a good performance to protect the watch. We can see this big dial is near full of all the places, it with simple style but it is easy in collocation and never out of fashion.The most important points we need to mention is that its capability is never affected even though it is simple in shape. When we see carefully, we find that it has another characteristic. Its second and minute hand separate in two place to display. In left, the place of nine o’clock, it is a small second dial. In right,the place of three o’clock is a dial of power reserve, we can see its energy situation clearly. Decorating with red color in this small dial, can let us feel that it is not so single in color matching. it has a good balance in two side. At the place of six o’clock, it is a display of date. This is really a creative design in color matching.

Rolex is a true pioneer in watchmaking technology. Among their most significant inventions is the Submariner, which was the first watch ever to offer water-resistance of up to 100 meters. The now-iconic Rolex Two-Tone Submariner was the inspiration behind the flourishing dive watch market as we know it, and almost every dive watch in existence today was in some way influenced by the Rolex Submariner. While it was developed for use while underwater, the Submariner has since become a coveted timepiece among collectors of all professions. The line is varied and offers a feature set to suit almost any wrist. However, today we will take a closer look at an earlier model of their Rolesor two-tone steel and gold Submariner ( Rolex Submariner two-tone ). The Rolex 16613 Two-Tone Submariner.The Rolex Submariner was developed in 1953 and made its official debut a year later at Basel Watch Fair 1954. As previously mentioned, the collection was the first to offer resistance to depths of up to 100 meters, which would then evolve into 200 meters, before increasing once again to its current and impressive 300-meter depth rating. In true Rolex fashion, the Submariner was carefully refined over the years to include a safer unidirectional bezel, improved materials, and a higher-beat movement.The original model was presented in stainless steel with an all-gold variation following in the late 1960s and a two-tone option coming to market in 1984 via the ref. 16803. The ref. 16613 was released a few years later in 1988 and enjoyed a long production run before being discontinued and replaced in 2009 with the current Cerachrom ceramic bezel 6-digit ref. 116613, marking the end of the aluminum bezel Rolex Submariner two-tone watches.

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