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Although the Rolex Submariner began its life in 1953 as a sturdy no-frills stainless steel dive watch, today, this famed diver is considered to be one of the world’s greatest luxury watches – while still very capable of plunging into the deep to accompany aquanauts. The Sub’s graduation from utilitarian to upscale no doubt began when Rolex introduced the very first Submariner in solid yellow gold. Nothing says fancy like armor made of shiny precious metal. Let’s find out which reference was the first Rolex Submariner gold watch and lay out the details. When your life depends on a limited tank of oxygen strapped to your back, you are naturally more concerned about the passing minutes rather than what day it is. Which explains why early dive models from the 1950s (Fifty Fathoms, Submariner, Seamaster 300, Breitling Superocean, etc.) didn’t worry about putting a date window on the already limited real estate of the dial. The First Yellow Gold Rolex Submariner Not only did Rolex make the Submariner ref. 1680 in stainless steel, but the company also manufactured a solid yellow gold Submariner 1680. It’s important to note that the first yellow Sub is sometimes simply called the yellow gold Submariner 1680 or the Submariner 1680/8; however, it is not the Submariner 16808 – that’s an entirely different generation. Back to the yellow gold Submariner Date 1680. Rolex’s first gold diver made its debut in 1969, flaunting an 18k yellow gold 40mm Oyster case fitted with a matching 18k yellow gold Oyster bracelet. Early examples of the Submariner ref. 1680/8 featured a rotating bezel with a black aluminum insert and a matching black dial.

This replica watch has elegant temperament and simple appearance as a whole. It still with the classic dial style of IWC, which may have ultra big diameter, yes, it has 44.5mm. Its case was made of solid stainless steel 316. There are steel rail-mounded minute scales on the black dial. The hour hand was steel leaf hand which was the representative of elegance. The slender hands help us to read time clearly. What’s more, it has set a seconds sub-dial at 6:00 position. The transparent sapphire crystal was so clear and can be wear resistant. Correspondingly, the case back also used this crystal. This considerate design gave us a precious opportunity to observe the operation of movement clearly. This replica matched with a black leather strap, even its stitch was also black. Along with the black dial which has steel hands inside. I think it can highlight your shrewd and capable temperament obviously when you wearing this wrist watch. The thickness of case only has 11.5mm, really thin in shape, which may be more fit for wrist with comfortable wearing experiment.

If you have a vintage Rolex Datejust manufactured prior to the introduction of Caliber 3035, then your particular model is a non-quickset Datejust. To set the date and time on a Non-Quickset Rolex Datejust, follow these steps:Unscrew the winding crown by turning it counterclockwise until it releases from the case.Turn the crown clockwise around 25 times to manually wind the watch (it’s always a good idea to hand-wind the watch while setting it even if it is an automatic movement).Pull the crown out to the last notch.Rotate the crown to advance the timekeeping hands. Keep turning until the correct date appears in the date window. When the correct date appears, you are now in AM hours; now set the time accordingly taking into consideration if it is currently AM or PM.Push the crown all the way back in and screw it down to the case.To set the date and time on a Quickset Rolex Datejust, follow these steps:Unscrew the winding crown by turning it counterclockwise until it releases from the case Turn the crown clockwise around 25 times to manually wind the watch (it’s always a good idea to hand-wind the watch while setting it even if it is an automatic)Pull the crown out one notch to set the date (the timekeeping hands will continue to run in this position).Rotate the crown to adjust the date. We recommend setting the date to the day before today.Pull the crown out to the last notch to set the time. Rotate the crown to move the hands past midnight so that today’s date appears in the window. You are now in AM hours; now set the time accordingly taking into consideration if it is currently AM or PMPush the crown all the way back in and screw it down to the case.Always remember to keep the winding crown on your Rolex watch screwed down onto the case if you not adjusting the time and date to protect the watch from moisture and dust. Also, never unscrew the crown if you are in or around.

Black dial has a micro-sand finish, there are two small dials, like the two eyes of owl. Small second hand is running on the subdial at 9 o’clock. The subdial at 3 o’clock now works the same way as genuine watch, there are two hands on that subdial, the longer hand is displaying minutes chronograph, while the shorter hand is hour-chronograph pointer. The movement has been modified by OM factory, so the minute and hour chronograph could be completely achieved on this replica watch.Black nylon strap may be the best match for this watch. The texture of the black nylon band is exactly in line with the black matt finish of the watch. On the back side of the band, the side that touches your skin, is made of genuine leather. I tried this type of band on my hand, it maintains the soft wearing comfort of full genuine leather band, but also looks very cool due to its black nylon material on outside.

Maybe it was rare to have wrist watch that can be fit for both female and man. But now you have opportunity to see this type of wrist watch. Today I felt so excited to recommend a replica which based on the genuine Omega Planet Ocean series. It was really an awesome replica due to it has broken through various of limitation so that it can satisfy the requirement of man and lady. And I believed that anyone may be moved by its perfect appearance and powerful capability because it almost inherited all advantages of the original one.This replica Omega was liked noble among diving wrist watch. Even though people felt it so precious that they were not willing to wear when diving. But it should but a glossy focus that people want to discuss. It was a fire-new fashion trend, and made diving watch become a jewelry art. Now let’s know something about its detail. Firstly, I think you may be attracted by the shinning diamond which was inlaid in the bezel. Yes, it’s the unique characteristic of this replica. How wonderful feeling we have, when we see such glossy brightness on this wrist watch. I have to admit that this replica really with skillful craft. The diamond was inlaid in the bezel steadily which was liked the stars in the sky. Its diameter was 42mm. Through the clear sapphire crystal which with AR coating, we can see that this replica with such big size dial revealed masculine temperament of man, but it can not deny that more ladies are liking big dial as well. Therefore, this replica not only can satisfy the need of female who are looking for a wrist watch with shinning glossiness and big dial, but also can be the best choice for some men who are pursing for a type of wrist watch with diamond.

GM factory grows bigger, now it even has more Rolex in stock than Noob. We need to wait for a long time for Noob factory to release their stocks, but if you place orders from GM factory, then you just need to wait for less time. I have to admit that Noob created the best Rolex replicas in the past, now the glory of this factory no longer exists, its main competitors J12 and GM all do better than them. The only one advantage of Noob factory which they still keep is their super 4130 clone Daytona, now Submariner and GMT-Master are no longer their star products.GM is a great factory, it often publishes new watches and has a large stocks, today, I want to introduce a Yachtmaster II from GM factory, it is the first replica Rolex YachtMaster II watch that is made with 904L stainless steel in our market. In recent years, Rolex has unveiled several YachtMaster models in different sizes, but I still love the YachtMaster with counterdown function, although this replica does not have the counterdown function, it is still a good replica watch.I like this YachtMaster watch due to its blue color usage on the bezel and dial, the blue color is exactly in line with the ocean them which Rolex YachtMaster wants to present. The replica is made of 904L stainless steel on case and bracelet, 44mm case is brushed, with two chronograph pushers set at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock. The bezel is rotatable and features a blue ceramic insert with deep engravings that has the same tone as platinum markers of genuine Rolex.The dial is white, the circle on the center is for countdown for yachting, while on this replica, the countdown function is fake, so the central hand with a big red triangle does not work. The dial has a good visibility, a small second subdial at 6 o’clock has a blue circle with white markers, central seconds-chronograph hand is in bright red color, which will start to work if you push the button at 2 o’clock. By the way, the hands are updated, they are the new hands which Rolex updated in 2017 basel.Movement is clone 4161, it is the first time for a factory to use a clone 4161 movement on a replica Rolex YachtMaster, you know, even Noob and AR still have not used this movement, so, GM factory created the precedent.

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